1. Good choice. @leepenz …more amazing work from @tat2bob … @missasp5373 @that_d_penz (at Skindeep Tattoo)

  2. My little brother, @leepenz getting his first ink done by @tat2bob. They grow up so fast… Particularly proud of this one. (at Skin Deep Tattoo Uniondale)

  3. Puppies. (at Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine)

  4. No lifeguard on duty.

    Beware of strong current.

  5. (at Columbia Business School (Warren Hall))

  6. Right hand. (at Subway NYC)

  7. This is a picture of clouds.

  8. One thousand words.


  9. @soundkurt : The Revenge (at Bravo TV studios)

  10. H2ohhhhhhh!!!!

  11. Sometimes these things happen.
    @theadversarymusic @kyokotakenaka (at DUMBO, Brooklyn)

  12. Sound Curt


  13. Eh, ya know. Just chillin.

  14. Looking up, upside down…

  15. Waiting for renders. (at The Focal Range )