1. This is a picture of clouds.

  2. One thousand words.


  3. @soundkurt : The Revenge (at Bravo TV studios)

  4. H2ohhhhhhh!!!!

  5. Sometimes these things happen.
    @theadversarymusic @kyokotakenaka (at DUMBO, Brooklyn)

  6. Sound Curt


  7. Eh, ya know. Just chillin.

  8. Looking up, upside down…

  9. Waiting for renders. (at The Focal Range )

  10. Free 4k particle dust plates to whoever can guess what we’re cooking up in the office today… (at The Focal Range )

  11. "When you laugh, be sure it’s for what people do, not what people are." @sipvn. Amen, brother.

    Enjoy your BBQ’s everyone. (at Times Square NYC)

  12. Sound asleep

    #soundguy #sleeping #getit? (at Madison Square Garden)

  13. Walls street (at Wall Street)

  14. Spring will not be denied in Brooklyn today.

  15. I just lost the game. (at Skyline Hotel NYC)